question-Hi, I installed the mod ++Ores in my modpacks with another mod "SimpleOres2" but I only have ores from SimpleOres2 but not from ++Ores so i'm wondering if the mod don't work because of the other mod?


answer-it works fine for me. i don't know why the ores from my mod aren't spawning. maybe you did something wrong when installing the mod or used the wrong version?


question-i seem to be having trouble all the ores are in the game but i cant seem to get it to let me make any tools or armor sets from the smelted ore. Any help would be apprecited.


answer-all the recipes are working fine for me, so it could be that you haven't downloaded the mod correctly or you're messing up the recipes. you should try reinstalling the mod and see if that helps, or maybe try using a different mod version.

question-HI I made a server for me and my friend on aternos and I added the mod and the ores aren't showing up

answer-modded ores don't spawn on servers

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